Nurture, Learn, Achieve 

Our Ethos & Values 

At Knighton Mead we work together as a community to provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children are nurtured, motivated to learn, valued as individuals and taught the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life. 

  • We celebrate the things that makes us different 
  • We use our learning muscles 
  • We follow the academy rules 
  • We show care and respect to each other 
  • We share care and respect for our learning environment and the local community 
  • We listen to our parents/carers and involve them as much as possible in school life 
  • We believe in teamwork – we are the “Knighton Mead Team”! 

At Knighton, we believe that it’s necessary to train and stretch our Character Muscles, just like the muscles in our body. Each week we focus on a different Character Muscle and this language is also used to ensure high levels of both behaviour and behaviour for learning. 

Character Education Intent Statement: 

All pupils will harness exceptional character and a strong sense of self. They will have an awareness of and show deep respect for those around them. They will take responsibility for having a healthy mindset in order to contribute positively and confidently to their local and global community. Children will tackle challenges with resilience and take risks when opportunities arise to ensure they achieve their potential and thrive in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

As mentioned above, we celebrate difference at our school and use the Everyone’s Welcome approach. This is a picture book led, age-appropriate approach to celebrating diversity in our society. The beautiful books range from Reception to Y6 and address topics such as gender, sexuality, race and disabilities.