Nurture, Learn, Achieve

Our Ethos & Values

At Knighton Mead we work together as a community to provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children are nurtured, motivated to learn, valued as individuals and taught the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life.

  • We celebrate the things that makes us different
  • We use our learning muscles
  • We follow the academy rules
  • We show care and respect to each other
  • We share care and respect for our learning environment and the local community
  • We listen to our parents/carers and involve them as much as possible in school life
  • We believe in teamwork – we are the “Knighton Mead Team”!

The 5Rs

The 5Rs will become central to our school ethos and aim to build the ‘ultimate learners’. Each R represents a different quality of what it means to be a good learner. It is aimed at helping our children develop positive attitudes towards learning, reflect on their work and become responsible citizens who are resilient and equipped for lifelong learning. They also encourage them to think outside the box and take a risk!

Ready Reggie

“From eating breakfast to active listening… I’ll be ready.”

Responsible Robert

“I am committed to my learning. How far I go depends on how far I want to go.”

Reflective Rebecca

“I can always improve.” “How can I make this better?”

Being ready means being prepared mentally and physically for learning

A learner is ready to learn when they:Believe in themselves.

  • Gives good eye contact and actively listens.
  • Is interested.
  • Has equipment ready.

Being responsible means ‘looking after yourself and others’

A responsible learner knows how to:

  • Stay calm.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Make good choices
  • Take care of possessions and the environment.

The reflective learner ‘learns from experience’ and considers all the possibilities

A reflective learner:

Asks ‘why?’ and ‘How?’

  • Stays calm.
  • Listens to and considers different opinions.
  • Learns from mistakes.
  • Thinks about how they learned in the past.
  • Considers where they can use their learning in the future.

Resilient Riyad

“I never give up.” “I can’t do it… yet!”

Resourceful Ria

“I will try to succeed in as many different and creative ways as I can.”

Being resilient means ‘sticking at it’ even when things are difficult or really challenging

A resilient learner:

  • Has a positive attitude.
  • Finds interest in what they are doing.
  • Sets targets and works towards them.
  • Practises.
  • Knows their strengths/weaknesses and strives to improve.

Being resourceful means knowing ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ to support their learning

A resourceful learner:

  • Uses imagination.
  • Asks good questions.
  • Learns in different ways.
  • Works well with others.
  • Knows what to use to help them.

At Knighton, we believe that it’s necessary to train and stretch our Character Muscles, just like the muscles in our body. Each week we focus on a different Character Muscle and this language is also used to ensure high levels of both behaviour and behaviour for learning.

As mentioned above, we celebrate difference at our school and use the Everyone’s Welcome approach. This is a picture book led, age appropriate approach to celebrating diversity in our society. The beautiful books range from Reception to Y6 and address topics such as gender, sexuality, race and disabilities