At Knighton Mead Primary Academy, we passionately believe that our children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum of the school underpins all the learning that takes place and an engaging and inspirational curriculum can foster curiosity and a passion for learning so that children may develop into life-long learners.

We cover a wide range of subjects and provide opportunities for academic, creative and sporting excellence. Emphasis is placed on acquiring, developing and applying core skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics.

The creative curriculum has been organised into integrated topics which meets the objectives of the national Curriculum. Opportunities for speaking and listening are utilised and pupils are skilled in work that requires collaboration. When possible, the use of I.C.T. is encouraged in all areas of the National Curriculum as it can enhance the learning experience of children.  Each class teacher is responsible for the delivery of the National Curriculum (see link below) and where possible having a ‘topic based’ approach.

National Curriculum Website

Alongside the creative curriculum we develop skills of pupils which will promote life-long learning through our Route to Resilience project.  We refer to these skills as their character muscles.  The character muscles are up in all classrooms and are used by all staff all the time.

Everyone’s Welcome’ is a whole school approach that teaches children about equality and diversity, in line with British Values, Ofsted guidelines and the Equality Act (2010). We are an inclusive school that values the contributions made by all members of our school community. Everyone’s Welcome uses storybooks, lesson plans and assemblies to create and support the development of this. At Knighton Mead, we believe that everyone should embrace and celebrate all forms of difference so are committed in supporting children to have this mindset as they prepare to move on to the next stage of their education, not only celebrating others but also taking pride in and being happy with who they are themselves. It is vital that children identify the positive difference they can make in their society and develop self-worth.

To discover more about our curriculum, please see the information within Our Curriculum.  Our curriculum lead is Miss Smith.

TMET Primary Curriculum Intent (MISSING FILE)