KS2 Results

Verified 2019 Key Stage 2 (end of primary school) results for 2018-19(June 2019).

These results are part of the school performance tables, published by Department for Education in December 2019.

NB.  These 2019 performance measures are not current.  All exams due to take place in schools in England in summer 2020 and 2021 were cancelled.  The government will not publish any school level data based on tests, assessment or exams for these years.

Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard or above:
 School %National %
Reading, Writing and Maths6765
Percentage of pupils who achieved above the expected standard:
 School %National %
Reading, Writing and Maths1011
Average Scaled Scores:

Scaled Scores are a way of comparing the raw marks in tests from year to year, with 100 as the ‘expected standard’. A score of 110 or more results in a pupil achieving a high level of attainment.


Average Progress Scores:

Progress Scores are used to measure the average progress of pupils from Key Stage 1 (End of Year 2) to Key Stage 2 (End of Year 6). The national average progress scores are zero for each subject.

 SchoolProgress measure banding
Reading0.8National average

(about 66% of schools in England)

Writing0.9Above national average

(about 8% of schools in England)

Maths2.4Well above national average

(about 12% of schools in England)

School Performance Tables

You can view the latest verified data on the school by visiting the school and college performance tables service

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