Our Staff

Staff Wellbeing

Please view the document attached below, to see ways in which Knighton Mead Primary Academy manages our staffs Wellbeing and Workload:

Staff wellbeing and living well charter 

Our Staff

Please find our members of staff working at the academy shown below.

  • Miss J Slinger
  • Miss Smith
    Vice Principal
  • Miss Nurgat
    Inclusion Lead and SENCo
  • Miss Moore-Haines
    Phase 1 Lead (EYFS), Reception Class Teacher
  • Miss Lambert
    Phase 2 Lead, Maths Lead, Year 3 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Sunley
    Phase 3 Lead, English Lead, Year 6 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Wolf
    Year 1 Class Teacher
  • Mr Earnshaw
    Year 4 Class Teacher
  • Miss Chaudhry
    Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Aston
    PE Specialist
  • Mrs Tank
  • Mrs Fasham
    Nursery Teacher
  • Mrs Chikaponya
    Year 3 Teacher
  • Mrs Chudasama
    Pastoral Support Lead
  • Mrs Dootson
    Nursery Lead
  • Mrs Coley
    Nursery Lead
  • Mrs Patel
    Reception Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Karim
    Year 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Freestone
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Cornell
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Williams
    Year 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms McMorran
    Year 4 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Harriman
    Year 5 Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Whitehead
    Year 6 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Hughes
    Year 6 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Natzel
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs Arnold
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Awan
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Cummings
    Greenhouse Sports Coach
  • Mrs Ashton
  • Mrs Askew
  • Mrs Perry
  • Mrs Koasha
  • Miss Dempsey
    Administrative Officer
  • Mr Ridley
    Data Manager
  • Mrs Edwards
    Attendance Officer
  • Mrs Joshi-Yip
    Office Manager
  • Mrs T Mahomed
    Office Staff
  • Mrs Talbot-Sim
    Lunch Supervisor & Cleaner
  • Mrs Glover
  • Mr Knott
    Primary Site Manager
  • Mrs Hamilton
    Kitchen Team
  • Mrs Adams
    Kitchen Team
  • Mrs Watson
  • Mrs Gray
    Chair of Academy Council
  • Mrs Scales
  • Milan Premdjy
    Director of Trust Operations
  • Mrs Edwards
  • Miss Chaudhry
  • Mr Earnshaw

Contact A Member Of Staff

If you would like to contact a specific member of staff, please Contact Us using the information provided on this site. Any queries will be passed on to the relevant teacher or member of staff. You can also use the form below. Subject should include the member of staff you wish the message to be forwarded on to.

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