The 5Rs

The 5Rs will become central to our school ethos and aim to build the ‘ultimate learners’. Each R represents a different quality of what it means to be a good learner. It is aimed at helping our children develop positive attitudes towards learning, reflect on their work and become responsible citizens who are resilient and equipped for lifelong learning. They also encourage them to think outside the box and take a risk!

Ready Reggie

“From eating breakfast to active listening… I’ll be ready.”

Responsible Robert

“I am committed to my learning. How far I go depends on how far I want to go.”

Reflective Rebecca

“I can always improve.” “How can I make this better?”

Resilient Riyad

“I never give up.” “I can’t do it… yet!”

Resourceful Ria

“I will try to succeed in as many different and creative ways as I can.”