At Knighton Mead we follow an enriched and personalised Abacus scheme for Maths. The skills which are covered in each year group are highlighted in the LT plan within the Maths Policy. The scheme is used to enhance the learning experiences of pupils and ensure that they are accessing tasks that are of an appropriately challenging level. Our approach promotes the spiral curriculum which enables children to build upon previous learning as they progress through the primary phase.

As highlighted in the National Curriculum we focus on the 3 areas of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The children have many opportunities to use their mathematical knowledge, through Everyday Calculations, and the Main Maths session. Children in Key Stage 1 also have a Numbers and Patterns session whilst children in Key Stage 2 have a Mini Maths session. In addition to mathematics session’s pupils take part on cross curricular lessons which provide them with opportunities to build a sense of enjoyment and curiosity, reason mathematically and develop an appreciation of the vast applications of maths.

At Knighton Mead we value the importance of the children being able to recall their times tables therefore we have a multiplication award system that the children enjoy working through.

Subject Leader/s

Miss Lambert