Home Learning during Partial School Closure – March 2020

In light of the partial school closure,  packs were sent out on Thursday 19th March for the children to take home so that their learning can continue should this be necessary. If you have not received one of these packs, they will be available to collect from the school office between the hours of 9am and 3pm each week day. Whilst the school may be closed, we want to reassure parents that we will still continue to provide the best possible education that we can, despite these difficulties.  We will be making the most of our online platforms and means of communication – Twitter and text messages.

During the partial closure, we will aim to provide a daily communication via Twitter so that parents are kept informed on any updates. We will use this page to distribute work to children in different year groups at points throughout the closure. There are lots of useful resources available.

In addition, lots of websites are offering access to resources through setting up a free account:

As always, we as a school are here to support you and will keep you updated of developments as they occur. Thank you for your support and commitment throughout.

Reading for Nursery, Reception and Year 1

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